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Olive Grove Hike and Tasting

An Authentic Cultural Experience

About your host

Born in Canada, Mariano decided to return home to Croatia to the land of his family, leaving behind a career and western status, to lead a more simple and sustainable lifestyle. Along with his wife, Crystal, they have spent the last two years completely immersed, revitalizing and regenerating the olive orchards Mariano inherited. Together, they find great joy in teaching their children and others about the rewarding experience of living as close to earth as possible in a modern world.

What we'll do

The experienc begins in the charming village of Mirca

From there the group will hike a trail that journeys through family groves to the acreage where Mariano's small batch, family brand of olive oil: Pipa evoo is produced. Along the way there will be discussion of all things local, historical, and agricultural.


Once arriving, see first hand how Mariano and his family raise the trees and olive fruit with the most natural and organic means possible, including their flock of sheep and chickens. Experience a tasting in the grove of this year's harvest - their limited 2018 reserve. Learn about the quality, health benefits, and tasting of olive oil under the tree canopies that produce this miracle fruit. Descend back to the little village of Mirca with panoramic sea views of the Adriatic Sea and enjoy the olive oil over a fully coursed authentic and locally sourced lunch.

95 € per person | minimum of 2 people

approximately 3 hours

Hike through family olive groves

learn about the history of the olive oil process on the island

Opportunity to help

feed the animals

Enjoy an authentic locally sourced lunch at Dalmatian Konoba

Savor an olive oil tasting in the family olive grove

incline + elevation of the island make this a physical activity

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